Teleplay is proud to have partners from the Telecom Market in S.A. and abroad as 


 Congratulations to Teleplay communications team as winners of the Top Premium Rated IVR Award, Your dedication, committed and support are sincerely appreciated. 
At this time we would also like to thank you for your continued business partnership with MTN and wish you even more success into the future.

Once again a well deserved Congratulations." 

Vikash Barath 
MTN Senior manager : WASP

Our Partners 


Teleplay has delivered on all of their promises. They brought a large volume of material IVR minutes to Vodacom this was done in a very strategic and prompt manner. the potential of their products and services are unlimited. 
To date we built a good working relationship with Teleplay and look forward to do doing more business with them in the future. 


 I was very much impressed by the prompt and creative solutions Teleplay Communications provided to its business associates, both in their originality and technically.
I was surprised by the swift entry of Teleplay Communications into the I.V.R cellular content and by the amazing increase of air-time minutes due to Teleplay's applications and services,
Partner Communications considers Teleplay Communications as a strategic I.V.R content provider  


David Barda

Executive Manager 

Content and Media Division Orange